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Guides by Chris Payne

Chris Payne, Flooring Surveyor

Chris has been with the company over 23 years he has a wealth of experience in his roll as Flooring Surveyor. Most of his daily routing is inspecting all sorts of floors so that we can establish suitability for installation. This sort of experience is very important as nearly 98% of problems start with the subfloor.

18th March 2021 | Customer Advice
Selling your home? How to add value with flooring

When renovating your property you’re likely to be looking for efficient ways...

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18th August 2020 | Website Updates
How to use our My Project feature

Do you ever find yourself poring over calculations whilst shopping for flooring...

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Advice Centre
The Fictional Furnishings Quiz Answers

Given up on the Fictional Furnishings Quiz? We won't tell...

Advice Centre
A Guide to the Best Pet Friendly Flooring for Your Home

Many of us have a four-legged friend. In fact, approximately 50% of the UK has a pet according to a recent survey. The most popular of these pets are dogs, followed by cats, rabbits and even indoor birds. While there’s no doubt our furry friends improve our lives, the same cannot be said about our flooring. Pets can leave scratches...

Advice Centre
5 Floor Trends of 2019 to Transform Your Home

We’d all love to have a home that looks like...

Advice Centre
How Many Trees Are There In The World?

According to research by nature.com in 2015, there are 3,040 trillion trees in the world. Read on to see tree...

Advice Centre
How To Design A Restaurant Floor Plan To Entice Diners

The interior design and room layout of any venue are...

Advice Centre
Living Room Layout Tricks To Maximise Your Floor Space

Sometimes we get so used to our living spaces that we don't even realise how they could be improved. The floor layout is always a tricky thing to master, especially if your home has rooms of different shapes and sizes. Take a look at this infographic to see how you can make the most of your living room without having...

Advice Centre
Fairy Tale Homes, Re-imagined

While at Factory Direct Flooring Ltd you can find a host of flooring solutions for your real-world home, we thought...

Advice Centre
How To Match Wall Colour To Your Floor

After investing in new and stylish flooring, the last thing you’ll want to do is...

Advice Centre
What is the Best Flooring for an Office?

When it comes to your office, flooring can help to complement your chosen look. For example, while carpet adds a warm feel to the office, wood can add sophistication. However...

Advice Centre
What Is The Best Cleaner For Each Type Of Flooring?

Maintaining your floors to make sure they're as perfectly attractive as the day they were...

Advice Centre
How To Match Your Furniture To Your Floor

When it comes to new laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or LVT, it’s difficult to know how to design around it, especially with the vast range of styles and colours around. However, when it comes to furniture, it’s actually easier to match with your flooring than you’d think. Most flooring features a neutral palette, so you don’t have to be an interior...

Advice Centre
How To Protect Any Type Of Floor

As with any type of fitting in your home, your...

Advice Centre
Understanding Colour When Decorating Your Home

When it comes to interior decorating ideas, you need to take into account the colour of your floor. Whether you've opted for a light or dark floor, or one that strikes a balance and provides freshness in the summer and warmth in the winter, decorating the rest of the room needs to compliment your choice of flooring. Below we explore the varying undertones...

Advice Centre
A Guide to Different Flooring Grades

Whether you're looking at solid wood or engineered, we've got a guide to the different flooring grades to help you decide

Laminate Flooring
The Cost of Laminate Flooring

Hard-wearing, versatile and available in a range of styles, the cost of laminate flooring is extremely budget-friendly for your home

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