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Founded in 2005 with a History Stemming Back to 1989

Operated largely online, Factory Direct Flooring Ltd are industry leaders in the online wood flooring business. Offering all types of wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring, we cut out the middleman and deliver flooring direct.

Despite only being founded in 2005, the Factory Direct Flooring Ltd family founders have operated in the industry since 1989. The need for Factory Direct Flooring Ltd arose from the countless customer tales of bad floor shopping experiences. Although there were some good stories, the founders realised that there was a gap in the market into which they could create a trusted UK based source for wood flooring products.

The Factory Direct Flooring Ltd Ethos

The goal of Factory Direct Flooring Ltd was to offer as large a selection of quality wood flooring products as possible without compromising on quality or the cost to the customer. As such, they wanted to offer a business that combined low prices with outstanding customer service and excellent availability.

With an innovative approach to both sourcing high quality flooring and manufacturing our own, we’ve been able to achieve this goal with both customer satisfaction and value for money as our leading principles.

Free Samples

Free Samples are prepared, stored and picked from our Hinkley Showroom.

The British Wood Flooring Association (BWFA) is an association for those working in the wood flooring industry. Their goal is to raise the standards of wood flooring through education and training. As such, all of our staff undergo frequent training to ensure they are kept up to date with the standards of practice and have the knowledge expected to deliver a truly world-class wood flooring service.

View the BWFA training courses now, which include qualifications around the preparation of subfloors, installation of all floors from herringbone parquet to solid wood, laminate to vinyl, as well as sanding and sealing – all to a professional standard.

As a member, we abide by their industry standard code of conduct:

  • To deal with my customers with honesty and integrity.
  • To promote the merits of my products and services without degrading competitors.
  • To reveal all the material facts so that the truth about my products and services may be understood fully.
  • To abide by all government regulations and statutes.
  • To support the BWFA and its goals and purposes toward advancing the wood flooring industry.
  • To, in the performance of my profession, commit no act that would discredit my profession or the wood flooring industry.
  • To abide by these Standards of Professional Conduct and recognise the BWFA as the authority in all matters relating to interpretation and enforcement of these Standards within prevailing legal limits.
Our 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Nuneaton

Loading for deliveries outside our 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Nuneaton.

How We Work

The primary wood flooring showroom is virtual and not physical, thus meaning Factory Direct Flooring Ltd has unlimited inventory space so consumers can take their time to browse the catalogue from the comfort of their own homes.

They can see the products by different manufacturers and in different styles as and when they choose, thus reducing their own costs as there’s no need to travel to showrooms or deal with pushy salespeople who want to make quick commission.

No Middleman

There is also no middleman associated with wood flooring. We deal directly with the best manufacturers of wood flooring in the world on a daily basis and then offer it directly to you. This gives us a major advantage in the marketplace. All of our wood flooring is stocked by us to send to you, allowing our sales volume to be 100 times bigger than our competitors. We simply blow them out of the water when it comes to pricing without skimping on quality.

Staff Expertise

All of our customer services team are based in-house at our Hinkley Flooring Showroom.

Staff Expertise

All of our staff are highly trained in the various types of wood flooring that we offer so they are fully able to answer any and all queries you may have. Although a little research may be needed to answer some questions, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Our staff roster includes freight handlers, order processors, sales advisors and customer service representatives, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best shopping experience possible.

If you have ever visited a physical wood flooring store then you may have come away confused by the level of choice. In some cases, you may have even walked away with products you didn’t want or need. This is the result of sale assistants who are inexperienced and lacking knowledge, funnelling your interest towards flooring and accessories you really don’t want, nor need. At Factory Direct Flooring Ltd, all of our sales advisors are knowledgeable about wood flooring and are able to answer your questions. They are also there to help, instead of exerting pressure, providing you with top class customer service and assistance.

The History of Factory Direct Flooring Ltd and the Founders

  • 1989 –2000: The six original founders worked with commercial supply and installations globally, predominantly in the UK but spreading as far as Poland, Germany and China.
  • 2000 –2009: Company growth of 20% to 8 staff. Work started on building our own warehouse.
  • 2010 – Present: Undertaking a major up-scaling of business and customer base, this was the decade of growth for Factory Direct Flooring Ltd. We now own five of our own warehouses, as well as a retail premises. We employ 23 staff and deal with a wide range of manufacturers across Europe and Asia. Our managing director Paul Hambidge is still involved in the day to day running of the business and plays a key part in all operations.