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5 Floor Edging Options For Your Home

Once you’ve decided on the perfect floor for your home, taking into account everything from material to colour to maintenance, it’s time to begin the process of fitting it. One thing that you’re likely to be concerned with is ensuring that your floors have the perfect finish once you’ve finished fitting them. One problem standing in the way of this is the join between one room to another, which means finding the right floor edging for the floors you have in your home.

1. Threshold Trims Floor Edging

Threshold trims are perfect for larger rooms where you may find it necessary to leave an expansion gap, or open-plan properties where you wish to leave a divide in floor type. They are T-shaped connectors, made from wood and ideal for hiding the spaces between different areas. Shop our floor accessories now and find the perfect style to match your decor.

Image of a hallway with floor edging

2. Ramp Trims Floor Edging

If you have an area where two rooms that differ in height meet, then a ramp trim is the ideal solution. They also mean that if you intend to lay a new floor on top of an existing one, you won’t have to remove the original floor just to ensure your floors join together neatly.

Similar to a threshold trim in shape and appearance, ramp trims differ in that one side is marginally higher than the other, with a greater gap underneath to accommodate for one floor being higher than the other. Ramp trims make the join between two floors even and smooth, and massively reduce any trip hazard that could otherwise between two floors that differ in height.

Browse our flooring accessories for Ramp Trim Floor Edging now.

3. Carpet Reducer Trims

Image of carpet trim

If you wish to have a mix of both wood and carpeted floors in your home, then carpet reducer trims are ideal for solving the problem of creating a join between the two different types of flooring. As with ramp trims, which solve the issue of creating an even connection between floors of different heights, carpet reducer trims accommodate for the two very different floor heights between carpet and wood floors. This means you have an even transition between the two. Our most popular flooring adapter for carpet to laminate is the Metal Flooring Adaptor Profile.

4. Floor Beading

If you have moved into an older property then there’s a very high chance that the previous owner had already installed skirting boards, which can be particularly difficult to remove. If you decide against removing the pre-existing skirting boards when it’s time to install your new floors, then a way to neaten up the seam where the floor meets the wall is to use floor beading.

Floor beading comes in a range of colours and finishes so that it can perfectly match the floor you have chosen. Whether you're looking for anything from vinyl flooring accessories to laminate flooring accessories, It provides a seamless finish so that your floors will look completely perfect. Check out our beading accessories.

5. Edge Trims

Edge trim

Sometimes your floors are joining up with other things than just floors or walls, which is where edge trims come in. Perfect for creating a seamless connection between floors and fireplaces, or floors and integrated doormats, edge trims stop your floors from looking like they’ve suffered from a clumsy fitting. As with the other floor trims detailed here, edge trims are available in a range of materials, colours and finishes to create the appearance you desire for your home.

We hope these floor edging options help to give your floors the perfect finish.