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Originally posted 2nd March 2023

Last updated 16th May 2023

What is the most hard wearing flooring for the home?

Looking for new flooring that will stand the test of time? Read on to discover...

Simon Golder

Product Analyst

4 min read
Written by Expert

Looking for new flooring that will stand the test of time? Read on to discover which flooring is the most hardwearing for any room.

More and more people are on the lookout for hard wearing flooring as part of a longer term investment in home renovation.  Whether it’s for a busy family home where flooring needs to be robust and practical, or for high traffic areas, there are lots of different hard wearing options that prove durable, cost effective and some of which can even be laid yourself.

What’s more, if you select an appropriately durable floor, you’ll have to replace it less often, saving you money, hassle and allowing you to relax knowing that whatever life throws at you, your flooring is up for the challenge.

Neat, victorian style kitchen with a dark tiled floor

Hardwood Flooring - Bedrooms, Hallways, Living & Dining rooms

Where you are looking to lay new flooring in your home will determine the type of flooring you’ll need. Hardwood flooring is a great choice for high traffic areas in your home that do not get exposed to too much moisture. It’s beautiful, extremely durable and will last a lifetime if cared for and installed correctly.  Hardwood flooring is therefore a perfect option for bedrooms, hallways, living areas and dining areas.  It is less suitable for bathrooms as it doesn’t fare well with water.

Hardwood flooring can be laid yourself with the right tools, but can be trickier to install than other less durable options, so is better suited for a confident DIYer.

Laminate Flooring - Bedrooms, Kitchens, Living & Dining rooms

Laminate is a great choice for those looking to install their own flooring and without the budget for hardwood flooring. If cared for correctly, and depending on the type of laminate you buy, it can last up to 25 years. There isn’t any laminate on the market that is completely scratch proof, and the durability of your laminate flooring will depend largely on the finish you choose. A gloss or matte laminate will be less scratch proof than a textured laminate. Laminate flooring does not work well in bathrooms or moist areas, but is a great budget friendly option for higher traffic areas of your home.

Tiles - Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallways

If you’re looking for a really hard wearing flooring option for your bathroom or kitchen, then tiles could be the perfect solution. They also provide a really premium look and feel and are easy to maintain. Ceramic and porcelain tiles will also stand the test of time, as a long lasting and hard wearing flooring option. With styles and finishes to suit most budgets, they are also great for rooms with underfloor heating.

LVT and Vinyl Flooring - All rooms

This type of flooring is suitable for all rooms due to its durability, range of styles and easy installation. While it is arguably less durable than a hardwood equivalent, if damage does occur it is easy to repair and is more affordable, so a great choice for larger areas or multiple rooms. LVT and vinyl flooring is hard wearing, and most types are waterproof with a built in scratch guard. With a huge range of styles and finishes available, there is bound to be an LVT option to suit your perfect look and feel anywhere in your home.

Carpets - Bedrooms, Living rooms

Less durable and higher maintenance, but so cosy and soft underfoot, carpet is a great choice is lower traffic areas of your house, in particular bedrooms where you may want to go for comfort over durability. With an average carpet lasting between 5 and 10 years, depending on how well maintained it is, it isn’t a patch on hardwood, LVT or laminate, but sometimes style rules over substance. But choose where to lay it wisely, as higher traffic areas including lounges and hallways will likely hasten the deterioration through simple footfall and stain risk.


Looking for a floor that will last (the best part of) a lifetime?

There are variations in durability across all types of flooring, but as a rule of thumb, if an area of your home is high traffic, and you don’t want to have to replace your flooring regularly, then hardwood, LVT, laminate and tiles are all great options, unless your laying flooring in your bathroom, when you’re best to choose tiles thanks to their waterproof and scratch proof qualities.

There are obviously other considerations, including budget, installation and perhaps most importantly how it looks. However, with huge ranges in price, finish and aesthetics across all of our products, you’re bound to find the perfect durable flooring for your home. Even better? You can order a free sample of any of our flooring so you can see how it looks and feels before you commit.  We can also offer bespoke advice from a member of our knowledgeable team to help you find the perfect durable floor.

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About the Author

Simon Golder, Product Analyst

Simon has been a key team player with over 20 years experience, he started his love of wood as a carpenter before joining our team. He is heavily involved with every product that we offer, looking at all the key aspects including finishes, colours and performance. Simon is responsible for all of the images shown throughout our website, making sure that we give the very best realistic view of all our products.