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Factory Direct Flooring Ltd

Looking for Cheap Flooring?

At Factory Direct Flooring Ltd, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the luxury of wood flooring without breaking the bank. As our broad range of beautiful natural and engineered woods are more affordable, our customers benefit from being able to choose the UK flooring that best meets their needs and aspirations, rather than being restricted by price. We are happy to offer expert advice on all aspects of flooring, from design and choice of wood through to technical aspects, functionality and fitting. What more could you ask?

Wide Choice of Flooring

You really are spoilt for choice with our huge selection of LVT flooring, laminate, vinyl and more. From extraordinary solid wood designs to extremely durable engineered floors; we have something that will perfectly complement any home or commercial application. All of our wooden floors have distinctive designs and come in a wide range of finishes. We fully believe style should never be compromised for practicality, so our selection of commercial floors are all hygienic, easy to maintain, stylish, durable and ultra-affordable.

Our comprehensive range of cheap flooring offers the latest innovations in wooden flooring to complement our more traditional styles. With 30 years’ experience, we understand industry trends and have established relationships with global suppliers, so are able to keep on top of exciting new ideas. If you are looking for convenience as well as style, vinyl is an interesting alternative and the modern take on this classic offers realistic wood and tile finishes to match the ease of care. In everything we do, we pride ourselves on our quality.

Affordable dreams

Factory Direct Flooring Ltd’s highly competitive pricing offers our customers the chance to make their flooring choice based on style and suitability, without having to worry so much about the cost. How do we do it? Simple. As one of the largest suppliers of UK flooring and sourcing directly from suppliers, we can buy at very competitive prices which we pass directly on to our customers, so we get to sell more flooring and you get the floor you want at a much better price.

How may we help?

We pride ourselves on understanding the individual needs of our customers, serving both residential and commercial needs. We would be pleased to discuss what you’re looking for and help you decide between the various options, whether it be cushion floor or solid versus engineered wood, colour and style ranges, or even some of our alternatives to wood, like vinyl and laminate floors. We look forward to guiding you where needed in terms of practicality and fitting. Take a look at our online Advice Centre to get some more practical and technical advice.