We plant a tree for every order

Giving back to the environment that supports us

Children today and future generations deserve a world that’s safe and sustainable. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ecologi to help offset our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on the environment. After all, this planet is the only one we’ve got.

What does this mean to you and the world?

Since late May 2021, our journey with Ecologi has meant…

Step 1

Place your flooring order with Factory Direct Flooring

Step 2

We automatically fund an Ecologi climate project

Step 3

Ecologi plant a tree on your behalf


Trees we've planted

Since July 2021


Tonnes of CO2 we've offset

Since July 2021

That's the equivalent of


Jumbo jets flying to New York

Contributing for every staff member

Every month, we pay a subscription to Ecologi based on a set amount per Factory Direct Flooring employee. This goes towards offsetting their personal carbon footprint by contributing to Ecologi’s pioneering projects around the world. But, wait, there’s more...

Every order triggers an order for a new tree with Ecologi

On top of our contribution per staff member, we’ve set up a smart automatic system that tells Ecologi to plant a new tree on demand with every order placed through our website. So, each time you buy your flooring from us, a little more is given back to the environment.

Want to know more about Ecologi?

Ecologi was set up to make it easy to take direct action against the rising global environmental crisis. They know that change can only happen with mass involvement, so they want to empower every one of the billions of people on this planet who care.

Our achievements

Ecologi uses badges, dynamic graphics and clear statistics to make contributing to the health of the environment fun as well as effective. It’s easy to understand the contribution you make and to spread the word.

Find out all about the projects they support, the ways they help businesses, families and individuals to offset their carbon footprint and the responses from eco-friendly customers on the Ecologi website. And of course, feel free to sign up yourself!

2 years of climate action

2 years of climate action

50,000+ trees funded

50,000+ trees funded

Offset 100 tonnes of CO2

450+ tCO2e avoided

450+ tCO2e avoided

This is just stage 1

Everybody knows why it’s important to take action on climate change. While working with Ecologi is a great start to paying back into the environment and combating the global crisis, we know there is still work to do. Future projects in the pipeline for our infrastructure and teams include:

  • Staff cycle to work programme – cutting down on vehicle emissions
  • Sustainable equipment and distribution – looking at what we use, from packaging to vans
  • Warehouse insulation and efficient heating – reducing energy consumption