Our Editorial Policy

Advice Centre Goals

1. To provide accurate, relevant and useful information about all types of wood, laminate and vinyl flooring. This will include: installation tips; best practice for care and maintenance; tips for general interior design. 2. To create an industry-standard online hub that non-flooring experts can use, regardless of whether they have bought, or plan to buy, a Factory Direct Flooring Ltd product. 3. To promote ethical practice regarding wood flooring and the environment.

Editorial Policy

1. Reputation

1.1 Membership of Associations Factory direct flooring are members of the BWFA. All of our posts will comply with their standards, regulations and requirements. 1.2 Trust This is the founding stone of our advice centre. We seek to provide information that is dependable and accurate, never misleading our audiences for our own commercial gain or any other reason. 1.3 Impartiality At no point will we offer advice or guidance that seeks to mislead the reader. At all times, we will evaluate the information provided for accuracy and relevancy. Where possible, we will provide alternate points of view. 1.4 Integrity We are independent providers of advice and guidance around flooring. We will never respond to requests for guest posts or provide external links which do not serve the purpose of the user.

2. Content

2.1 Main Content 2.1.1 Authors Where possible, our posts will be produced by experts on the topic at hand. We deem experts to be those who have extensive experience or relevant qualifications in the field. When this is not possible, posts will be fact-checked by an expert from Factory Direct Flooring Ltd. 2.1.2 Titles At no point will we produce titles with the sole purpose of attracting readers. Instead, every title will relate directly to the content. 2.2 User Generated Content We do not accept comments on our posts or any other form of user generated content. This is not to disadvantage users, rather to ensure no inaccurate information is uploaded. If you do have any questions regarding any of our posts, speak to our customer service team.

3. Attribution

3.1 Sources We will only uses sources that are deemed expert and authoritative. Where possible, we will use primary sources. When secondary sources are used, they will be fact-checked and evaluated before publishing. 3.2 Quotes When using a quote from an outside source, we will endeavour to supply the information from where that quote originated. When this is not possible, for purposes of anonymity or safeguarding, quotes will be fact-checked and evaluated by a senior leader at Factory Direct Flooring Ltd. 3.3 References Where relevant, our posts will include references to any assertions made throughout. These will be at the bottom of the post or throughout the content, and, when possible, will include external links to where this content was sourced.

4. Quality Assurance

Every post will be proof-read by a senior leader at Factory Direct Flooring Ltd before it is published. This is to ensure all facts and assertions are in line with current industry standards, as well as ensuring correct grammar and spelling is used throughout – ensuring the post is positive and useful for every reader.