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The Cost of Laminate Flooring

Originally posted 19th July 2016. Last updated 25th September 2020.

Post Authors
Chris Payne

Flooring Surveyor Factory Direct Flooring Ltd

As one of the more hard-wearing flooring options on the market, and available to buy in an ever-changing variety of patterns, colours and styles, laminate flooring is a fantastic choice for every home. Despite its high levels of durability, immense variation and ease of installation, laminate is still an extremely cost-friendly option. We’ve taken a look at all the costs associated with laminate flooring, from the original purchase to maintenance.

Initial costs and things to consider

Laminate flooring is an incredibly cost-effective option and is suitable for use in any room in the home. As it’s suitable for many more conditions than solid wood you can use this flooring in the bathroom and kitchen. However, if this is your intent you may have to purchase a specific type of laminate with a higher level of water resistance.

As with all wooden or imitation wood floors, installing underlay is always recommended. Underlay provides a barrier between your new laminate flooring and the sub-floor which helps with soundproofing, moisture protection and the lifespan of your flooring. Finally, consider installing beading and skirting boards to really improve the look of your beautiful new floors.

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image of bathroom with laminate

Costs within our range

At Factory Direct Flooring Ltd we strive to provide our customers with the best flooring options available at excellent prices. Laminate flooring is an excellent cost-friendly choice, available in wood and tile look styles.

How much does Laminate flooring cost?

The cost of laminate flooring can vary from as low as £4.75 per square metre for oak effect dark laminate flooring and extend to £45.37 for speciality waterproof laminate flooring which is completely resistant to all household moisture issues.

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image of laminate planks

Maintenance costs

Scratch-resistant and able to withstand the majority of spillages that occur in the home, laminate flooring is relatively easy to take care of. As with most floors, scratches and fine marks can be avoided by brushing regularly. Taking heeled shoes off before walking on this floor and clipping the claws of household pets can help to ensure your laminate floors stay sleek and scratch-free for as long as possible.

If you have caked in mud on your laminate flooring then a simple solution of vinegar and water usually lifts this dirt right off and leaves an appealing shine behind. Resist the temptation to use a lot of cleaning product, particularly soapy ones, on your laminate flooring. Soapy cleaning solutions are often the culprit behind dull floors as they leave a residue. Avoid using lots of water on your laminate flooring or being tempted to air-dry floors. Always dry your laminate flooring after wiping with a damp mop to prevents the boards from warping.

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Repair costs

If you’ve followed the steps we’ve detailed above your laminate should have a long life with minimal maintenance concerns on your part. However, if you have accidentally left a scratch or dent in your lovely laminate flooring, or created an irreparable stain, you’ll need to consider repair costs.

Fortunately, our laminate flooring at Factory Direct Flooring Ltd is very simple to fit, featuring the Uniclic jointing system, which means if you have an accident you can simply remove the offending laminate and replace with new planks.

The overall cost of laminate flooring, from original installation to any repairs, is extremely low. With our range of styles in this product, we’re sure to have the right floor for your home, at a cost that suits your budget.

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image of fitting laminate

Our Flooring Calculator

When you browse any type of flooring at Factory Direct Flooring Ltd, each product has a flooring calculator on the page. Simply enter the surface area in either metres or feet squared and our My Project flooring calculator will tell you how many packs you’ll need and how much it will cost you.

By simply measuring your room and entering your dimensions, we will provide you with an instant price which will show on every type of flooring you browse across our website. You can either input the total coverage or your width and length measurements, in meters or feet. You can even save your measurements room by room to make your shopping experience stress-free.

It also offers to add an extra 10% for wastage. While this may cost a little bit more, we highly recommend adding it just in case there are mishaps during the installation process. Enjoy the My Project flooring calculator below:

Know your room size?

Browse by total price for your room

If you require any more information on laminate flooring and the costs associated with this item then please feel free to call one of our flooring experts on 0330 100 00 15.

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