Dark Waterproof Flooring

All homes experience their fair share of muddy paw prints and random spillages but nobody wants to be constantly chasing every last mark or drop of water in order to keep their house looking pristine. To avoid this, Factory Direct Flooring’s fantastic range of dark waterproof flooring is the perfect solution. The flooring comes in a variety of rich dark shades, perfect for masking those smaller marks that can make a light floor look dirty in seconds, and for adding great depth of colour to any room.

Each product in our dark waterproof flooring collection comes from Aqua-Step, a brand that supplies the only 100% waterproof laminate flooring available on the market. Aqua-Step is completely water resistant and has been proven to have 0% swelling in all atmospheric circumstances. This means that the flooring will resist all the soaks, floods, spills and muddy feet your household can manage!

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