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Originally posted 29th July 2016

Last updated 5th May 2023

Should you have Laminate or Solid Wood Floor?

If you know what style of floor you want but don't know which flooring option to choose between laminate or solid wood floor then we can help.

Chris Davies

Flooring Technician

3 min read
Written by Expert

When deciding on a new floor, you generally know the style that you want to go for. If you want a wooden floor that brings in warmth and a contemporary style to the room, then you can be stuck with the decision of whether you want laminate or solid wood floor in your home. At Factory Direct Flooring Ltd we know that there are benefits to both types of flooring, and that the decision entirely depends on your requirements.


If you’re working with a tighter budget, then laminate flooring may be a much better option for you than solid wood. All of the laminate products that we supply look realistic and are made to a high quality. At Factory Direct Flooring Ltd we don't believe that you should have to compromise on quality just because you're paying a lower price. Walnut floors are available within our laminate range, as well as oak and beech, so you have a significantly large range to choose from.

image of walnut floo


On the other hand, though solid wood does cost a little more, this initial cost is redeemed by the longevity of this product, which can be as long as 80 years if properly maintained.

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We have selected our range of solid wood flooring specifically for the requirements that many of our customers have. They are not only extremely high quality, but are available at an extremely competitive price. This means that you can treat yourself to a stunning new floor without breaking the bank. A solid wood floor is ideal if you are concerned about the value of your home, as installing it throughout the home can actually increase the amount it is worth.

image of room with wood floor

It is also extremely simple to install, so as little disruption will be caused to you and your family as possible. This bodes well for those with large families and busy households, though laminate is especially suitable for these types of homes.


Laminate flooring is particularly suitable for busy homes with floors that experience a lot of foot traffic. Because laminate flooring consists of pressed wood it is particularly durable and resistant to damage. It is much more resistant than solid wood to scratches, warping due to moisture and wear and tear over time.

Solid wood, though of great quality, is susceptible to scratching, warping and will often show patches of wear as the year’s progress. However, with both of these types of flooring regular brushing and cleaning with a damp mop will prevent many fine marks from occurring as a result of dust and dirt.


Though laminate is less likely to develop signs of wear over time it’s also quite difficult to repair. If your laminate was installed with individual boards then you can remove the offending planks in favour of new ones. However, sunlight and age may mean that the colour is inconsistent with your floor overall. Luckily, if your laminate becomes damaged the total cost will not be too high because of the relatively low price of laminate.

image of someone painting a floor


Solid wood, however, is much easier to repair. The reason solid wood is so expensive is because its quality is so high and damages to the floor's surface can be sanded away and the boards repainted again. This ability to refinish the floor whenever it becomes marked means your solid wood floor will last for years with the proper care.

If you would like to see our ranges of laminate or solid wood flooring, then please take a look around our site where we have an extensive range of both flooring options.

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If you require further information on the pros and cons of solid wood vs laminate flooring then feel free to give us a call on 0330 100 00 15 to chat to one of our flooring experts.


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About the Author

Chris Davies, Flooring Technician

Chris has I have been involved with flooring for 35years, covering all aspects of the sector. He has an acute understanding of the manufacturing process of all types of flooring having also worked for a large international wood flooring manufacturer. Working in flooring over a long period of time gives you a great understanding of customer’s requirements, needs, expectations and value, ensuring the correct purchase is made every time with confidence.