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Real Wood Flooring Guides

Our expert advice for choosing, installing and maintaining solid and engineered real wood floors

From choosing the perfect style of flooring for you to fitting it in your home, our guides are written by our in-house team to assist you in finding the perfect real wood floor product for your home.

Advice Centre, Real Wood Flooring
Can Real Wood Flooring Work in Bathrooms?

Solid real wood flooring brings a touch of warmth and luxury to any room. It’s got a sophisticated look and feel that’s difficult to match, and can add value (as well as enjoyment) to your property. Using wood flooring in a bathroom, therefore, would seem like an obvious choice to enhance the air of comfort and relaxation, and many homeowners...

Real Wood Flooring
Solid Wood Flooring Prices & The Cost of Solid Wood

As a luxurious and gorgeous choice for your home, we've examined the cost of solid wood to see if it's the right choice for you

Real Wood Flooring
How To Restore and Care For Your Solid Wood Floor

If you are wondering how to restore and care for your solid wood floor, you've...

Real Wood Flooring
How To Lay A Solid Wood Floor

Approaching the task of laying solid wood flooring can make even the most seasoned DIY...

Real Wood Flooring
Engineered Wood Flooring Maintenance and Repair

Engineered wood is becoming increasingly in demand as an alternative to solid wood flooring. This is probably because it cleverly consists of a real wood layer on top of a...

Real Wood Flooring
Sanding Wooden Floors: When and How to Sand Wood Flooring

Although it’s a beautiful type of flooring, which offers more...

Real Wood Flooring
How To Clean Your Solid Wood Floor

We explore how to clean your solid wood floor, from preventing damage in the first place to ow to best apply a cleaning solution.

Real Wood Flooring
Why Is My Solid Wood Floor Creaking?

We take a look at the thorny issue of solid wood floor creaking, and take a look at some solutions and ways to avoid further creaking.

Real Wood Flooring
How to Install Engineered Wood Flooring

Flooring makes a dramatic change to your home. In this article we look at how to install engineered wood flooring for a perfect finish

Real Wood Flooring
What is the Best Solid Wood Flooring?

Flooring makes a big impression in your home which is why we've taken a look at the best solid wood flooring for you to install

Real Wood Flooring
What is the Best Engineered Wood Flooring?

The best engineered wood flooring isn't hard to find at Factory Direct Flooring, and we show you which ones we rate highly

Real Wood Flooring
The Cost of Engineered Wood Flooring

Flooring can be pricey but the cost of engineered wood flooring is affordable whilst being reflective of its outstanding quality

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Engineered wood is the perfect flooring solution for every home. It's cheaper and more hard-wearing than real wood floors. Engineered wood flooring also retains the real look and texture of authentic wood, without the expensive price tag. Just as real wood floors come in a wide variety of types of wood, with various patterns, stains and finishes, so too does engineered wood.

This flooring features a bolstered base which provides strength and longevity, along with a veneer of real wood to provide a striking statement in any room in your home. Our engineered wood flooring is incredibly easy to install, coming in tongue and groove or click systems. Both of these types of installation are simple and quick to fit in your home.

Engineered wood is easy to clean, needing only regular removal of dust to stop small surface scratches and a regular wipe with a damp mop. Engineered wood is best suited to rooms whose atmosphere stays constant, rather than particularly moist areas. Perfect for hallways, bedrooms, dining and living rooms, engineered wood adds an instant amount of sophistication to your home which requires very little maintenance.

In this section you can find a variety of articles featuring engineered wood flooring tips to help you get the most out of your flooring. Our detailed engineered wood advice covers everything from installation to cost and care. Browse the below guides to learn more about engineered wood or have your questions answered. Alternatively, don't hesitate to contact us if you have a specific query.

For more information on the purpose of this advice centre, along with the goals and guidelines we follow with all of our content, feel free to read our editorial policy.