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Originally posted 6th October 2021

Last updated 30th January 2023

How Much is Parquet Flooring?

When you’re looking for a distinctive, eye-catching finish for your floors – something that brings...

Paul Hambidge

Managing Director Factory Direct Flooring Ltd

5 min read
Written by Expert

When you’re looking for a distinctive, eye-catching finish for your floors – something that brings a touch of luxury to your home, while still being both durable and practical – parquet style flooring provides the perfect solution.

Being long-lasting, easy to clean and stunning to look at, you’d be forgiven for thinking that parquet flooring also comes with a premium price tag. However, with styles, materials and costs to suit all budgets, it’s an option open to everyone looking to upgrade their home.

How much does parquet flooring cost?

Depending on which material you chose, the cost of parquet flooring per metre squared can vary from just £16.00 per m2 for vinyl options to £75.00 per m2 for premium engineered wood panels – with a choice of timbers like oak, walnut, pine or hickory. With the average living room being 17 m2, you would be looking at anything between approximately £272 and £1,275 to cover your floor, depending on the type of flooring you choose.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind there are many options available between these two extremes and, of course, we are also likely to offer preferential deals on many ranges. Check our current stock listings of parquet flooring to see where you could get great value for money on a premium product.

Living Room Parquet

What can affect flooring costs?

The type of materials you use will be only one thing that affects the costs of your flooring. In addition, you might need to also take into account the rooms’ shape and size, and the condition of the existing floor surface.

Shape of the room

It’s easy to calculate the number of planks or panels you’ll need to buy and the amount of time it’s likely to take if your room is a simple square or rectangle. But if you have any peculiarities – such as an L-shaped room, a curved wall or a few alcoves – then this is likely to increase the amount of materials you need to purchase, as well as time it’ll take to cut panels to size.

Existing condition

You might be lucky enough to be working with a screed concrete floor or solid floorboards that provide a level, robust surface on which to lay your parquet flooring. If your building is older, you might have to check for any crumbled points in your base layer, or any bumps or undulations caused by expanded or warped beams, and make the appropriate repairs before starting to lay your parquet floor.

Size of the room

Most obviously, the larger area you need to cover, then the more you’ll need to pay for materials and labour. This said, it may still be cheaper to cover 2 rooms of 24 m2 than 3 rooms of 16 m2 (even though in both cases the total coverage is 48 m2) due to the amount of cutting needed.

Is parquet flooring expensive?

Compared to other methods of covering your floor, parquet flooring can work out quite favourably. Carpets and linoleum can appear cheaper, costing anything from £5 per m2 for the most basic options to £45 per m2 for a luxury product, but parquet flooring carries many extra benefits:

  • Very easy to clean and maintain compared to carpets
  • Highly resistant to water and stains
  • Exceptionally durable finish, meaning replacement will be far less frequent
  • Its high-quality appearance can add value to your home

In the long run, parquet flooring could work out to be a more worthwhile investment.

Herringbone Parquet

Our parquet flooring prices

There are parquet flooring products to suit all types of rooms and budgets, and what you can expect to pay will depend on the material of the tiles.


Higher-quality real wood panels are more expensive to source and manufacture, and so come at a higher price. Real wood, like our Cubano Oak engineered flooring, can be lacquered and fully bonded to your floor to guarantee long-lasting stability and durability.

Engineered real wood £44.80 – £64.88 per m2


Often providing the perfect mix of quality, durability, luxury and practicality, medium-range parquet flooring is usually a heavier laminate (around 8mm) or luxury vinyl tiles, such as the Farmhouse Oak herringbone click vinyl, giving a great result in a fast and effective way.

Heavier laminate £15.72 – £26.51 per m2
LVT / Click Vinyl tiles £20.99 – £31.20 per m2


Low cost parquet flooring – such as the Trojan Light Oak vinyl – doesn’t necessarily equate to a lesser experience when it comes to the patterns, textures and tones provided, and usually works out as exceptional value for money.

Vinyl roll £10.60 – £16.72 per m2
Cushioned vinyl £9.61 – £20.98 per m2

How much does it cost to install parquet flooring?

Installing parquet flooring varies in difficulty according to the type – while click laminate panels or vinyl sheets can be fast and easy to install, glue-down panels or real wood tiles can require more experience to deliver a perfect end result.

The cost of paying a professional to lay your floor will also vary according to who you speak to. Some craftsmen will charge anything between £100-£200 per day, while others will charge according to the coverage area, with £10-£30 per square metre being typical, depending on the surface condition.

Also bear in mind the cost of removing old flooring, if your property has been around a while. This could be as little as £2-£5 per square metre, but could stretch to £15-£20 or even more in the case of more complex removal projects.

Can I install parquet flooring myself?

The beauty of modern parquet flooring is that, even though it looks luxurious and distinctive, it can be surprisingly easy to install. If you have the right tools for the job, it’s likely you can lay your own parquet floor with the minimum of fuss.

To help you make sure everything goes to plan, we’ve created a full guide to laying herringbone flooring that covers every stage in detail. We’re continually impressed with customers’ own handiwork, with some even sharing their floor-laying skills on social media!

Of course, if you’ve chosen one of our vinyl parquet flooring patterns, then the job could be completed even faster, although we would probably recommend talking to a professional to ensure it’s fitted perfectly, without any damage or tears in the process. Similarly, if you’re using ‘glue-down’ flooring rather than click laminate sections, it’s a more intricate job and you’ll do better enlisting the services of an experienced flooring specialist.

Ready to choose your flooring?

Take a look through all the tones, styles, widths, thicknesses and other options in our parquet flooring section and use the room area calculator to get an idea of how much it’ll cost.

Looking for inspiration on designs, so your floor really stands out from the crowd? Check out our complete guide to parquet flooring patterns.

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About the Author

Paul Hambidge, Managing Director

Paul has 32 years of flooring industry knowledge & experience from both an installation and manufacturing perspective. He started out as installer of very large commercial flooring projects for multiple retailers. As director of Factory Direct Flooring Ltd, he has been involved in all aspects of flooring and has worked with some of the largest producers of wood flooring, vinyl flooring and laminate floors.