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Parquet Flooring Patterns: The Ultimate Guide For Your Home

Originally posted 24th May 2021.

Post Authors
Paul Hambidge

Managing Director Factory Direct Flooring Ltd

Imagine stepping into a room and knowing instantly you’re somewhere special. Somewhere luxurious, with a striking look all of its own. Originally a luxury European flooring style dating back to 16th century France, parquet has the power to transform how you, your family and your guests experience a room. Available in a variety of traditional or contemporary materials – allow yourself to be inspired by the range of parquet style flooring on offer.

Turn a room into an experience with parquet flooring

Parquet is a flooring style that historically used rectangular wooden blocks, rather than long, straight boards, to cover your floor as a warmer and more organic alternative to cold tiles. Block sizes can be anything from a few inches to half a metre long and sit together to create a variety of eye-catching, geometric patterns.

Our parquet flooring is available in solid or engineered wood, premium laminate or LVT and high-quality vinyl options, all of which create a dynamic, striking effect in any room. Real wood blocks will be lacquered and fully bonded to your floor to guarantee long-lasting stability and durability, while laminates, LVT and more so vinyl are easier to fit, giving the same result quickly and effectively.

As you’ll see, parquet can suit a variety of different rooms and spaces – no matter the size, shape or illumination. With a wide choice of colours, tones and textures, you’ll find no shortage of inspiration for your home.

Herringbone Parquet

Image; @rachaelsomervilleinteriors

Different parquet patterns

Patterns such as herringbone and chevron have become extremely popular over the last two years, whereas more intricate ‘basket weave’ or ‘brick & ladder’ designs are less frequently seen. These styles can also bring a sophisticated, dynamic look to your rooms. Let’s examine each pattern more closely and see which might suit your spaces.


Light Parquet Flooring

Image; @StantonRenovation

Herringbone flooring

Simple and yet highly attractive, the herringbone pattern is the most popular and classic design for parquet flooring. With herringbone, blocks are laid at right-angles so they form an interlocking pattern across the floor, with the points aligned either parallel to the longest wall or running towards the main window.

Herringbone Laminate

Image; @cherryblossomabode

Depending on your ambitions for the overall decor and atmosphere of your room, you might go for any number of the distinctive colours, tones and textures available across our ranges. Unfinished engineered oak complements rooms with a lighter, more neutral tone, as does grey herringbone flooring. Or for a deeper, richer effect it’s worth considering any number of the dark herringbone types, from antique oak to charcoal vinyl and more.

You might also want to explore more diverse effects, such as Distressed or Reclaimed Herringbone Flooring to give your rooms a more traditional edge - as if they have a story to tell.

The highly-versatile herringbone pattern – as with all of our parquet flooring styles – is available in a variety of products to suit every room. LVT is both durable and waterproof, making it perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms, while high-quality vinyl, laminate and engineered wood bring a sophisticated finish to dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Be sure to check out all the options by room in the above menu.

Herringbone Flooring - Kitchen (1)

Image; @rachaelsomervilleinteriors

Example herringbone patterns

Parquet Flooring Patterns - Sofa

Image; @Gladyscottage

A classic herringbone parquet pattern is that shown in our real or engineered wood range - for example the premium Natural Oak with Brushed Matt Lacquer.

A similarly pleasing effect can be gained with a charming wood-effect laminate - such as our Faded Oak Laminate - at a fraction of the cost of real wood.

Or you may like to venture towards a more budget conscious approach with a coloured textured vinyl flooring, such as our luscious Charcoal Vinyl Parquet.

Basketweave flooring

The basketweave parquet flooring pattern is a characterful variation on the theme, placing a section of blocks side-by-side to create a square, then doing so again at a ninety-degree angle and continuing to build out the design in this way across the floor. The overall effect is that of continuing lines of wood weaving over and under each other.

With our parquet floor panels generally created at a 4:1 ratio (e.g. 15cms wide by 60cms long), laying four in a block next to each other results in a perfect square.

This is particularly effective with smaller blocks and darker wood tones, as you might have typically found in period residencies. This said, when combined with modern materials and lighter wood, the pattern can create a stunning effect. You might even enjoy experimenting with darker and lighter blocks to create an eye-catching chessboard pattern!

Example basketweave patterns

A basketweave pattern can be created using the same blocks as for conventional herringbone designs, especially the real wood options. Imagine alternating sections of the premium Engineered Barn Oak or Smoke Grey Oak bringing a unique look to your dining room or kitchen.

FDF have also created an excellent range of high-quality Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) that would also suit a larger-scale version of the basketweave pattern. In particular, the Cask Oak and lighter Nutwood Oak perform especially well in this context.

Brick & ladder flooring

Using products available in our herringbone range, you are also able to create an exciting parquet floor using the ‘brick & ladder’ design. Rather than laying blocks at right-angles to build up a floor, the wooden panels are laid end-to-end in lines, offset against each other to emulate the pattern you would expect in a typical brick wall, or looking at a thin ladder.

This works well with any tone or size of panels, and can be a neat ‘middle ground’ between the diagonal zig-zag style of the herringbone parquet flooring and a conventional floorboard pattern, whether using real wood parquet, laminate parquet or LVT.

Example brick & ladder patterns

Real wood panels that would be most suitable for a brick & ladder pattern include our stylish Cubano Oak or Natural Oak with an oiled finish. Both bring deep grain and excellent character to any room where you want to make an impact.

We’re constantly looking to expand our product range to accommodate different styles. Check out our Instagram account for inspiration and hear about our latest products as they come available.

Chevron flooring

Finally, the chevron pattern for parquet flooring is created in a similar manner to the herringbone design, but with a vital difference. The long panels are still laid at right-angles, but the points are engineered so they don’t form an overlapping pattern like brickwork, but come together at an equal angle.

Parquet - Chevron Flooring

Image; Project Park Street

The striking result delivers a zig-zag effect with precise, clean lines, very similar to the pattern of fish bones emanating diagonally from a central spine. This serves to emphasise the length or light in the room.

Example chevron patterns

Our Prestige Classic Chevron Brown flooring is the most versatile product in this style, being suitable for a wide range of environments that may see a lot of footfall or traffic, from kitchens to hallways, dining rooms and living rooms.

Coloured textured laminate in a chevron pattern will also serve to create the same effect in a fraction of the time it takes to lay a full floor. Our high-quality Parquet Chevron Style Coffee Vinyl also delivers an optimum effect to enliven your home or workplace.

Which parquet flooring should I go for?

Much will depend on the overall style, tones and colours you are aiming for in your property, and the nature of the spaces where you want to introduce parquet flooring.

Practicality and durability will also be a factor, according to how much traffic you expect in the room and whether you need your flooring to be completely waterproof, slip-resistant, etc. You might also want to consider the speed of fitting and, of course, the cost, especially in a commercial environment.

But in the end, always go for the style and tone that makes you feel most comfortable. All our flooring products are designed to last, and you won’t want to change them again any time soon!

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