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Originally posted 7th September 2022

Last updated 26th September 2022

Why Choose Laminate Flooring for Your Bedroom?

If you’re looking to switch up the look and feel of your bedroom, don’t want...

Simon Golder

Product Analyst

4 min read
Written by Expert

If you’re looking to switch up the look and feel of your bedroom, don’t want to spend a fortune and want an easy to maintain flooring option you can probably fit yourself, then laminate may be the perfect choice for you. Laminate flooring in the bedroom continues to be a popular choice for homeowners for several reasons.

In lower traffic areas of your house, laminate flooring can prove to be an excellent choice, because it is a relatively inexpensive way to achieve the look of higher cost natural materials such as wood or ceramic, plus it is simple to lay for even the less experienced DIY-er.

Laminate flooring has multiple layers fused together, and simulates wood and sometimes stone flooring.

So much choice in styles and colour

Woman sitting on a sofa bed

There is so much choice when it comes to picking your laminate flooring, from the range of colours to the effects available, the options are almost limitless. From herringbone laminate and wood through to plain/natural and stone, you’re bound to find the style perfect for your bedroom, whatever decor you've chosen.

Perfect for budgets big and small

Compared to other flooring options such as real wood flooring or carpets, laminate flooring is a great solution for your bedroom if you’re renovating or decorating on a budget. With typical prices starting from just under £10 per square metre, you could give your bedroom floor a new lease of life for much less than the cost of natural alternatives. Whilst laminate can sometimes feel slightly different to walk on, even the trained eye would struggle to tell the difference between laminate and natural flooring. It looks great, and is easier on your wallet than other options.

Easy to install

Laminate flooring is easy to install, making it even more cost-effective, saving on paying a professional to lay it for you. Most laminate flooring comes in planks that click together using an easy to assemble ‘click-lock’ system, making it a popular choice among less experienced DIY-ers and first time floor-layers. You also don't need lots of fancy and expensive tools to lay this type of flooring, there are laminate flooring guides online that tell you everything you need to know and advise on what you'll need to give the most professional finish.

Low maintenance flooring

Image of nursery with wood floor

Another reason laminate flooring is a popular choice for the bedroom is that it is relatively easy to maintain. Regular hoovering or sweeping to remove abrasive particles that threaten the outer coating on the floor should be enough to keep the floor in good condition, with the exception of any spillages or accidents. Mopping the floor should be done with a damp mop and a dash of natural vinegar solution to keep the floor clean and handle any spillages. Excess water should be removed from the surface with a dry cloth to keep your laminate undamaged.

What to consider for when choosing laminate flooring

Yes, it’s great that laminate is inexpensive and can look fantastic, but what should you consider before choosing it for your bedroom?

Pet owners, research your flooring

If you have furry friends in your bedroom, you may wish to research whether this flooring is for you. Over time, laminate can become dented or scratched by pet claws if they are allowed in the bedroom. However, if you do find yourself with a scratch or mark, you can repair areas yourself with a laminate repair kit or you can remove individual planks and replace them. When it comes to animals, no flooring is risk free, and laminate offers the option to replace sections if required, rather than needing a whole new floor.

Potential for noise

Laminate flooring can be noisier compared to other types of flooring especially if your bedroom is on the second floor, as it can cause noise with footfall when getting in and out of bed. To reduce this, we recommend laying a rug on higher traffic areas in the room to soften the impact and limit the noise. You can also improve the noise absorption of the floor by laying insulating foam sheets as underlay when the flooring is put down.

Watch out for water

Laminate flooring doesn’t fare well in wet conditions, and by that we mean excess exposure to pools of water can damage the flooring irreparably. Whilst this is unlikely to happen in a bedroom, if you have an ensuite and are walking in and out with wet feet, be mindful to clear excess moisture regularly to increase the longevity of your floor.

Ready to change it up in the bedroom?

image of bedroom with wooden floor

If you’re unsure if laminate flooring is the right choice for you and want to know how it looks and feels, you can order a free sample of any of our laminate flooring products to gauge if it is right for you. While other emerging options such as LVT prove increasingly popular when choosing flooring in the bedroom, laminate continues to be a product that is economical, relatively hardy and easy to maintain and lay - perfect when you want that new look but don’t want to make the same investment as you would with a natural equivalent.

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About the Author

Simon Golder, Product Analyst

Simon has been a key team player with over 20 years experience, he started his love of wood as a carpenter before joining our team. He is heavily involved with every product that we offer, looking at all the key aspects including finishes, colours and performance. Simon is responsible for all of the images shown throughout our website, making sure that we give the very best realistic view of all our products.