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What Is Parquet Flooring? (And Why You Need It In Your Home)

Originally posted 16th June 2021. Last updated 1st October 2021.

Post Authors
Paul Hambidge

Managing Director Factory Direct Flooring Ltd

Parquet flooring is traditionally a type of wood flooring made by laying wooden tiles in a pattern to create a variety of striking geometric designs.

Also known as mosaic flooring, various hardwoods are cut into tiles of a range of shapes: squares, diamonds, triangles and rhombuses. You can then lay these to create chevron, basket weave or herringbone patterns, for example. However, the variety of designs available means you can create any effect you want. That versatility, along with the warmth and charm of real wood, makes parquet flooring an elegant and timeless addition to hallways, reception rooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms in traditional and modern homes.

Originating from the late 1600s in Versaille, France, parquet flooring was introduced as an alternative to cold marble floors in the homes of the wealthy. In the 1980s and 90s, parquet floors enjoyed a renaissance. Today, the artistic beauty and natural warmth of modern parquet flooring has made it a common feature in homes all over the UK.

Living Room Parquet

Image; @CherryBlossomAbode

What is Parquet Flooring Made Of?

Modern parquet flooring can be of an engineered or solid construction using a wide range of wood species. This includes oak, walnut, pine, maple, cherry and lime.

Kitchen Parquet

Image; @RachaelSomervilleInteriors

Solid wood parquet flooring is made using solid pieces of whatever type of timber you choose. However, engineered parquet flooring is made using several layers of different types of wood which are topped by the desired timber. Whichever construction method you choose, the finished floor will look almost identical.

Unlike some other flooring types that you can install yourself, it is best to leave the installation of a parquet floor to the professionals. The individual wooden tiles are fitted using a cold adhesive to create a stable and attractive result. The flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and can simply be vacuumed and washed with a damp (but not wet) mop.

Different Types of Modern Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring's versatility is one of its biggest selling points. In times gone by, solid wood used to be the only option for parquet floors. However, thanks to new technology and automated production, many more types of modern parquet flooring are now available.

Kitchen Parquet

Image; @RachaelSomervilleInteriors

Solid Wood Parquet Flooring 

Because it's made from blocks of solid wood, this type of parquet flooring is unbeatable in terms of how it looks and the feeling you get underfoot. Some of the most popular types of solid wood flooring include:

  • Oak Parquet Flooring - Oak is a great species for all kinds of design schemes and will age with grace and deepen in colour.
  • Walnut Parquet Flooring - For a luxurious look in any property, the dark and intense hues of this high-end hardwood are difficult to beat.
  • Aged Parquet Flooring - Authentically aged parquet flooring gives you the benefits of a modern floor while the worn, soft edges provide the character and charm of an antique or reclaimed floor.

Parquet Laminate Flooring 

This versatile and highly durable modern flooring recreates the style and richness of a genuine wood-panelled floor, but at a fraction of the cost. You'll have a wide range of styles, textures and tones to choose from and it’s very easy to lay.

LVT Parquet 

Parquet luxury vinyl tiles replicate the experience of solid wood while providing practical benefits such as water resistance and ease of cleaning. That combination of durability and practicality, while maintaining a beautiful, textured appearance, makes it well suited to kitchen, dining room and hallway floors.

Chevron Parquet 

Chevron parquet flooring is becoming extremely fashionable once again. It features a zig-zag pattern that is similar to herringbone but is more uniform. That regularity gives a simple and clean look that can help to make smaller rooms appear more spacious.

Kitchen Parquet - Chevron

Image; Project Park Street

Our chevron parquet flooring collection includes:

Vinyl Parquet 

Parquet-style laminate flooring creates the same effect as a wooden floor but at a fraction of the cost. Available in a variety of thicknesses and tones, it is water-resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean. This makes it well suited to kitchens, hallways and reception areas.

Herringbone Parquet  

Herringbone parquet flooring uses wooden blocks cut into perfect rectangles and laid into a staggered, zig-zag pattern. This creates a sophisticated, stylish and uniform end-result that resembles the bones of the herring fish.

Our herringbone parquet flooring collection includes:

Modern Parquet Flooring Colours

Colour is a key consideration in any design scheme and parquet floors are no exception. The good news is that with such a variety of wood species and parquet flooring types, you have plenty of colour options to choose from. This includes natural shades, which differ depending on the species of wood, to greys, whites, and rich, darker hues.

This is just a small selection of the parquet flooring colours available:

What Could Parquet Flooring Do For Your Home?

Is your home contemporary or classic? Minimalist or rustic? The universal style and elegant charm of parquet flooring will help you create a fantastic first impression in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

In a small or narrow room, the pattern created by your parquet floor can alter the perspective and help to create the impression of a longer or wider space. However, you should be mindful of the parquet blocks you choose. For example, a narrow hallway will only accommodate a certain number of blocks, so oversized designs may not be the best choice.

In terms of its comfort, parquet floors are softer and warmer underfoot than alternative materials such as ceramic or stone. They are also hardwearing, having all the durability of wooden flooring, reinforced by its tight-fit design. So they are perfect for rooms with high footfall and movable furniture. Add to that the low level of maintenance and it’s easy to see why modern parquet flooring has become such a popular addition to so many homes.

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