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8 Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas to Improve Your Home

Originally posted 28th June 2022.

3 min read

Post Authors
Simon Golder

Product Analyst

Choosing the right floor for your home can be difficult, especially for rooms that have a lot of footfall, require regular cleaning or have the presence of water and heat. Tiles are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but consider some options that you may not have thought about for your home renovation.

Choose colour to create a feature

The great thing about tiles is the variety of colours available. You can create any design or pattern you want to make your floor the main feature of the room. Kitchens don’t have to be boring so if you feel like getting creative, snap up different styles, shapes and designs to make your kitchen the perfect room for entertaining.

Invest in dark tiles for a modern feel

Chic and modern interior designs will stand the test of time, so for your next flooring project why not consider adopting this style for your kitchen floor? Dark vinyl tiles are the ideal choice as they are easy to install, look great against walls and units and will stand the test of time against all the uses of a kitchen.

Opt for comfort and style with vinyl tiles


Traditional porcelain, stone or ceramic tiles can often of being cold underfoot. There is the option of installing underfloor heating to keep the chill off, but a much cheaper and more effective solution is to choose cushioned vinyl flooring. Soft, comfortable and also completely waterproof, there’s no better alternative to ensuring you have maximum comfort at a reasonable price.

Use tiles to create a country cottage feel

Whether you live in the idyllic chocolate-box house or your exterior is a modern classic, you can hybrid these styles if the country cottage feel is what you’ve always wanted. The flooring in these kitchen types is a key feature and gives it the timeless design that is sought after. From terracotta tiles to farmhouse oak click vinyl tiles, there are so many tile options that can give you the look and feel of a beautiful cosy home.

Create a holiday feel with patterned tiles

Patterned tiled floors look stunning with a clean and simple decor. For a Mediterranean-style kitchen, choose patterned tiles in pastel greys and blues to create the vision of warm and sunny holidays. Teamed with white walls, clean and glossy worktops and chrome accessories, you’ll feel as though you're always eating in a holiday villa.

Zone out kitchen areas with different flooring options

Depending on the use of your kitchen, tiles can be a great way to zone out certain areas. Whether it’s creating a safe space to cook, a relaxed area for entertaining or a fun space for children or pets to play, there are options to team the look and feel you want with practicality.

Embrace an earthy feel with natural looking flooring

With sustainability being the focus for many homes, the need to choose the right flooring that doesn’t impact the environment is key. Tiles are a great choice as individual pieces can be easily replaced, rather than pulling up the whole floor. With different tile choices, whether it’s traditional tile or luxury vinyl tiles, you’ll find the right option that will limit your environmental impact.

Mock slate tiles for a classic style flooring


Slate is a popular choice for kitchen tiles because of their durability and easy maintenance, but did you know you can find the same style in a different material? Luxury vinyl slate tiles are one option and are easy to upkeep, completely waterproof and durable against spillages and stains. For a slate look and feel, consider this as an option for your home.

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