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Click Vinyl Flooring

Click vinyl flooring is an innovative and simple way to combine great flooring design with hassle-free installation. Vinyl is renowned for its authentic designs, spectrum of colours and low-cost maintenance. Browse our collection of click flooring below or read on for more information regarding this type of flooring.

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What is click vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring traditionally comes in the form of sheets, which offer cushioning and simplicity when it comes to installation. Click vinyl flooring mainly differs because of its installation method. Instead of laying sheets, you can easily click each plank into place which is where it gets its name. Although there is a difference between click and sheet vinyl, they both still use the same water-resistant material and are available in a variety of effects, for example, wood or vinyl tile click flooring.

What are the benefits of click vinyl?

Click vinyl is perfect for both domestic and commercial use. It is extremely durable, capable of withstanding high impact collisions, scratches and stains. Vinyl is one of the most water-resistant types of floors, so it’s ideal for rooms with high moisture levels, for example, bathrooms or kitchens. It’s also easy and simple to clean and maintain, meaning your click flooring will last for years.

Finally, a major advantage of click fit vinyl flooring is that it now offers an even quicker and efficient installation, at a price that you can afford. So, it’s simple to lay yourself without having to pay a professional.

Do I need underlay for vinyl click flooring?

With any type of vinyl floor, underlay isn’t a necessity, and whether your vinyl is in the form of a sheet or clickable planks, it can be installed directly onto the subfloor. Before beginning, ensure the subfloor is both clean and dry, then lay your planks starting from the left-hand side of the longest straight wall. Lay your planks from left to right, clicking each into plank into place as you go until your floor is covered.

What is the best vinyl click flooring?

Vinyl click floors come in a range of styles, from a simple wood effect perfect for hallways or living rooms to stone or tile effect ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Choose from fabulous patterns, dynamic colours and authentic natural textures. These are also available in a range of colours and hues, from subtle neutral shades to a bold and dramatic black perfect for minimalist decor.

Whatever your style and budget, there will be a floor perfect for you. If you’re unsure, remember to work with the space you have available. For example, dark colours may be best suited to homes prone to mess, such as if you have children or pets, as marks aren’t as visible. However light-coloured flooring helps make a small space appear more open and wider.

At Factory Direct Flooring, we offer leading suppliers of some of the industry’s well-known manufacturers, so you can trust the quality and performance of our luxury click vinyl. For more information, feel free to give our sales team a call on 0330 100 00 15.