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As a highly popular solution for rooms with excessive moisture, Aquastep offers an abundance of waterproof flooring. We are proud to offer Aquastep flooring at the best prices, this collection includes laminate in a wooden and tile effect, in a range of colours. Browse the range below or read on for more information.

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What is Aquastep flooring?

Aquastep is the world’s first 100% water-resistant laminate flooring. This type of floor is therefore highly popular in rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms, which usually cannot feature laminate due to the moisture levels. Aquastep flooring provides durability as well as being one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain.

These types of floors consist of a photographic applique layer which can replicate the look of tiles or authentic wood. This is a popular option as it still leaves the stunning effect of walnut or oak while being considerably cheaper. On top of this layer, there is an innovative resin composition which adds to the water-resistant properties.

Is waterproof laminate flooring really waterproof?

There is often hesitation when laying laminate flooring in rooms such as the bathroom, as this is often warned against. Standard laminate floors can lift and swell when exposed to too much water, however Aquastep waterproof laminate flooring is specially designed to avoid that. Boasting 100% water resistant qualities, you can rest assured that this floor will look stunning in your bathroom and stand the test of time.

Where can you lay Aquastep flooring?

With this type of flooring, the options are endless. As stated, this type of floor is the only laminate that can be laid in a bathroom. This leaves a stunning and unique finish in a room which traditionally holds tiles or vinyl. On top of the bathroom, you can lay this waterproof laminate in the kitchen without worrying about any splashes while washing up.

Other rooms which are perfect for Aquastep flooring include:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Cellars
  • Dining rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Commercial spaces, such as offices or shops

Although this flooring is designed for wet rooms, it also leaves a striking finish in rooms such as bedrooms or hallways. This is ideal if you have pets or young children, or even if you are particularly prone to mess and worry about damaging your floor with the occasional spill.

Here's a quick look at the typical installation process:

The Different Ranges of Aquastep

Aquastep comes in 3 different ranges which all have different specialities. The original Aquastep range features 100% waterproof V-groove laminate which boasts 0% swelling in atmospheric conditions. This range echoes the look of solid wood in a range of natural colours.

The Aquastep Plus range features waterproof 4V laminate in both a wood and tile effect. Similar to the original range, most of this flooring allows for underfloor heating to keep you snug in the bathroom. Finally, the Aquastep Tiles range feature the same qualities of Aquastep Plus, but offers a range of laminate that replicates stunning tiles.

How to choose your Aquastep Waterproof Laminate

As stated, Aquastep flooring comes in both a wooden or tile effect. The wooden laminate offers typical characteristics you would expect with solid wood, such as knots or grooves. These help create a homely, warm aesthetic and would look ideal in a traditional or vintage style bathroom. Tile effect, on the other hand, can create a modern aesthetic, however, smaller tiles can add to a traditional look.

There is then further choice when it comes to shades. The wooden hues offer beech, light oak, medium oak, dark oak and walnut. There is also the option of white, black or grey wood floors. If you’d like the look of wood, but in a more contemporary style, white, black or grey are perfect for this. The darker hues are ideal for hiding marks or dirt, whereas white creates a clean, minimalist space which looks great in a bathroom.

The tile effect also comes with further colour options. Neutral shades such as sand or beige are popular options are they are versatile and can complement any décor. However, darker greys or granite shades may be best if you want to make a statement with your flooring.

With so many colours and styles available it can be difficult to know which is best for your room. Please don’t hesitate to test some free samples in your home before ordering. If you’d like any help or want more information about Aquastep flooring, please contact us on 03301000015.