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What Is the Best Floor For A Living Room?

With a living room being the social hub of the family home, it's incredibly important that they're designed in such a way that everyone in the family enjoys relaxing in there. It also needs to be welcoming for guests, which means making sure your fittings are easy to clean, so that you can present a wonderful home to everyone that walks through your front door. With this in mind we've taken a look at the best flooring for living rooms.

Solid wood in the living room

Solid wood is the king of flooring beauty; it looks the business and once it's put down it's hard to ignore. In the living room it'll make a strong impression, given the amount of time people spend on it. If you're stuck for living room flooring ideas then opting for solid wood is a safe choice, and will immediately inject your living room with a strong sense of style.


However, you must be aware of footwear. High heels are not a solid wood floor's friend as they can cause tiny dents and furniture legs should have a protective rug, or felt pads, so as not to be in direct contact with your wooden floor. Pets should have their nails clipped, otherwise you risk tiny scratches in the areas your pet travels.

Given that the living room is an area of high traffic, it's worth take extra care with your floor. It won't wear away like a carpet, but the top varnish or lacquer might need refreshing, and when cleaning, avoid any moisture, otherwise your floor will suffer expanding planks.


Laminate in the living room

Laminate flooring benefits from a wood appearance without the expense of the material or the high maintenance costs. It's really a great all-rounder! It's composed of layers that slot together, the top layer being a protected sheet of wood. However you must avoid too much moisture, which will cause the planks to lift at the edges. To make sure you don't risk this, use a very lightly damp mop to avoid this damage.


Engineered wood in the living room

Engineered wood flooring in the living room is best of both worlds if you can't choose between laminate and solid hard wood. It is composed of layers of wood, topped with solid hard wood. You might not have the depth and strength of solid wood, but you will have a floor that emulates the beauty of wood with the ease of maintenance that traditionally comes with laminate.

Given the high traffic conditions of a living room, it's best to err on the side of caution and choose something hard wearing. Those who choose carpet will find tracks appear over time as carpet is worn at different rates in certain places. Those opting for a wood or laminate solution will not have this problem. Instead, when an area of the floor becomes worn you can simply re-finish or apply a lacquer.

One important thing to remember about the living room is that it's the room everyone will see. You will want a hard wearing yet visually appealing living room flooring that you're proud of. You also don't want the worry of having to regularly replace worn parts.

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What living room flooring did you opt for in your home? Let us know in the comments.