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What Is the Best Floor For A Bedroom?

Your bedroom should be the cosiest room in your home, your own private space to mould and decorate as you wish. This room should completely reflect your style, as well as being warm and welcoming after a long, hard day. With that in mind we're taking a look at the best floors for your bedroom, to make getting out of bed and walking over to your wardrobe in the morning that little bit more bearable.

Your bedroom type

Everyone has different likes, dislikes and requirements when it comes to their homes. If you have a bedroom all to yourself then you'll be much freer to decide on what type of floor you have. On the other hand, if you have a busy family who like to run around your bedroom in the mornings then you may wish to take your flooring into consideration to make sure it's hard-wearing enough to withstand this.

Image of spilled tea on bedroom carpet

Though popular, carpets can be an unsuitable choice for some rooms as the fibres in carpeted floors grip onto any dirt and spills that occur. Spilled cups of breakfast-in-bed tea, dropped makeup powder and trailed dirt residue from slippers and shoes will all leave a mark on bedroom carpets.

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Solid wood in your bedroom

Many floors are suitable for a bedroom but not all are as luxurious as solid wood floors. They can instantly transform your sleeping area into the boudoir of your dreams and, as the bedroom is hardly a high traffic area, this room is incredibly suitable for solid wood floors.

They come in a wide range of colours and grains, meaning you can perfectly match your floors to your personal style, no matter what that might be. For example, if you are concerned about dirt showing up on your floors then opting for dark wood floors will make sure minor dirt is hidden away, whilst the colour of the floors bring a dramatic edge to your room.

Engineered wood in your bedroom

Image of bedroom with wooden floor

Engineered wood is more hard-wearing than solid wood flooring, meaning that you don't have to go without real wood floors just because you may have children running around. It also comes in nearly as many colours and grains, and is much easier to fit.

A major benefit of wooden floors in your bedroom is that they are allergy free, meaning everyone in your family can sleep soundly. They are also simple and easy to clean and maintain, simply requiring that you minimise the usage of shoes on the floors. But aren't slippers much comfier in your bedroom anyway?

Laminate in the bedroom

A wise option for busier households, laminate flooring has the look of a wooden floor without the expense and worry about damage. As laminate is much more hard-wearing than real wooden floors, this flooring option is an extremely suitable option for homes with young children and pets.

Pets claws can have an adverse effect on wooden floors, leaving scratches that are hard to remove and ruin the look of the floor. Laminate floors are much more resistant to damages like these and, if they do become damaged, it's much easier to replace the individual boards that have become worn.

Image of bedroom with rug

If you would prefer to get out of bed and feel something soft underfoot than that doesn't mean you have to go without the options mentioned above. An attractive look for any bedroom is a bed with a large rug underneath it, giving the comfort of a traditional carpet, without the need to constantly shampoo or replace your floors.

What floors do you like to have in the bedroom? Let us know in the comments section.