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What Is the Best Floor For A Bathroom?

The best floor for a bathroom much depends on your tastes, style and home design but above all your desire to maintain it. The options are plentiful but a general rule for the best floor for a bathroom is to look for durability, attractiveness and comfort. The biggest difference between the bathroom and the rest of the house is of course moisture, which is wood's worst enemy, but can be managed.

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that water is prevalent in bathrooms – the wrong choice of floor can therefore be an expensive mistake to make. Below, we look at the four options you have when it comes to installing a floor to your bathroom, assuming your haven't gone for carpet, because that really isn't wise in a wet room.

vinyl bathroom flooring


Vinyl flooring is a very popular option for the bathroom. It's cheap, probably the most affordable of all flooring, and is low maintenance. And when we say that vinyl is low maintenance, we really mean it! You can mop, vacuum, sweep to your heart's content without fear of scratching. If you leave water sitting on the surface, don't worry about it! It'll dry without causing any damage. Vinyl these days also comes with the added benefit of built-in underlay, meaning you don't need to worry about getting multiple layers on top of your subfloor, a single sheet of vinyl will do the trick. Try our popular Aqua Plank Cast Oak Grey Click Vinyl Flooring which feature a safe anti-slip layer.

A downside to vinyl is that when damaged, usually by a cut, any repair will be fairly obvious and you will need to replace the whole surface.

laminate bathroom flooring


Laminate flooring is a great all-rounder as it provides an aesthetically pleasing look of wood without the burden of high maintenance. You'll be pleased to know that thanks to a protective coating, Laminate can withstand moisture and stains. Make sure you mop up any hefty spills quite quickly though, no floor is perfect, and it's best to err on the side of caution. Never leave puddles sitting for hours and if your kids have made a mess during bath time, make sure you clean it up straight away and watch out for any spaces where water could penetrate.

Bathroom solid wood flooring

Solid Hardwood

Solid hard wood is not the best flooring for a bathroom. Despite being the king of floors and the best one to look at and admire by far, solid wood does not do well in a damp environment.

Moisture kills solid hardwood, it shows water stains, the planks will swell, and eventually the floor will have to be replaced. If you decide to use it you need to take great care that there are no gaps between the boards that would let water can seep in.

If you are considering installing solid hardwood in your bathroom, as you'd find in many gloriously well maintained listed buildings around the country, then proceed with great caution. Maybe consider engineered wood flooring as an alternative to solid wood? Engineered wood is made of several layers of wood: a supporting lower layer, a softwood or plywood core, and a hardwood top layer. This ensures you get the benefits of the look of hardwood, without the high cost of maintenance.

solid wood floor in bathroom

What flooring do you think is best for the bathroom? Let us know in the comments.