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How To Install Flooring On Stairs

Installing new flooring in your home is a tricky process which can be lengthy. It often feels like it involves a million steps before you can relax in your home with its beautiful new floors. Because of this, many people are wary when it comes to fitting laminate flooring on stairs. This is why we've assembled a little guide to get you over your fear.

Preparing laminate or wood for stairs

Before beginning to install laminate flooring or wood flooring on your stairs, first make sure you have wood glue, a miter saw and table saw, a nail gun and a hammer. You will also need to make sure you have a laminate, engineered or solid wood stair nose that matches your colour choice. Many stairs have an overhang so you will need to either cut this off or fill in the space beneath it to ensure you have a smooth surface upon which to place your flooring. If you decide to remove the wood you will then need to sand where you have been sawing.

Image of man sanding stairs

Your stair nose will overlap some of the floor plank that you fit into the stair, so make sure you measure accurately to make sure this occurs. Cut the boards so that they fit tight on the sides, and at an angle that matches the wall angle. You will also need to cut the risers to fit. To do this, saw generously and then trim it to fit. Number each riser and tread with the stair where it will be installed.

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Installing flooring on stairs

Once you've measured everything, you should have sets of parts numbered to match the number of the corresponding stair. Starting at the bottom, install the first riser with your wood floor glue and nail at the very top to secure, if required. This will be covered by the stair nose. Then apply the glue on the section where the tread will be placed before pushing this into good contact with the glue. Continue to do this to each step until each one has risers and treads, at which point you can then affix the stair noses.

Image of stairs in the process of being done

To do this glue the stair noses into place, and then use the nail gun three to four times along the length of the front of the stair nose. If you wish to cover these nail holes you can do so with a floor putty that matches the colour of the floor.

After this step has been completed your floors are complete! Simply wait for them dry for around 24 hours, which will allow the glue to set up. So, now you know how to install flooring on stairs! This project takes a fair amount of patience and time, but if you prepare yourself and go at your own pace there's no reason why you can't master this task.

How did you get on with installing flooring on your stairs? Let us know in the comments section below.