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What Is the Best Floor For A Hallway?

Your hallway is where visitors get the first impression of your home. As the front door opens, the eye is drawn to the floor before making its way up to low-lying furniture, wall-mounted pictures and eye-catching light shades. Your floor therefore, needs to be spot on. But more importantly still, it needs to be the right material. For the best flooring for hallways, look no further.

Laminate Flooring in a hallway

Laminate flooring in an area of high traffic such as a hallway can be a highly stylish option, though some wear is to be expected in the long term. This flooring is a combination of photographic images printed onto a laminated wood base. This replicates the look of wood flooring, hence the stylish pedigree that comes with this affordable floor type. If you go for laminate, go for a product that offers a thick wear layer of melamine resin.

It's easy to maintain but avoid too much damp, or your floor will suffer lifting edges. And avoid too much sunlight, since this can discolor your precious flooring and leave visitors unimpressed.

laminate flooring in hallway

Vinyl Flooring in a Hallway

This low cost option for hallway flooring is best for those expecting to traipse in and out with lots of moisture. I'm hinting heavily at large dog owners, who will experience damp paws crossing through your hallway whenever the weather turns. The benefit is that it's the most affordable of flooring materials, and comes with built-in underlay and in a variety of styles that can emulate the look of woods or stone tiling.

Vinyl flooring is also the easiest to take care of, given that moisture is not absorbed. Whenever a puddle emerges, simply mop it up. Vinyl will also survive a good scrub to get rid of any stains. The downside is when it gets scratched or damaged; any repairs will be visible, and often it's best to replace the whole floor sheet. But if replacement is indeed your only option, vinyl is the most inexpensive floor to both fit and replace.

vinyl flooring

Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring in a hallway

Wood floors are among the most attractive and long lasting floors. Although they can scratch and dent that doesn't mean you should avoid them in high traffic areas such as a hallway. When you buy pre-finished wood flooring, bear in mind that the finish provides much of the protection. Your floor needs this to endure high footfall, and when that wears away, it's pretty inexpensive to have the floor re-finished. This can be done with a new protective layer that can leave your floor rock hard.

Also, depending on the hardness of the wood, combine a strong species with a decent finish and your floor will struggle to be dented by simple footfall. Of course, if you are constantly storming through your hallway with a pack of large dogs and an army of high heels, then your wood floor with begin to suffer quicker rather than later.

hallway wood floor

Given that water causes the most damage in a hallway, it might be worth considering AquaStep; see more HERE. We hope these hallways flooring ideas have helped you to decide on the perfect flooring for your home.