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From measuring your floor to laying your new floor, we explore everything you need to know about underlay.

At Factory Direct Flooring, we not only want you to have access to the very best flooring on the market, but we also want you to know everything there is to know about all aspects of flooring.

If you think that's a hefty task, then you're right, but in this resource section you'll find just that. Whether you are looking for information about engineered wood flooring, solid hard wood flooring, vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, then look no further!

On this page we explore everything underlay. We ask whether underlay is needed, what sort of underlay is the best for your needs, how to measure a floor for underlay and much more.

Within each post you'll find thorough information to prepare you for any DIY adventure. Whether you need advice on beading, skirting, click and gluing, cutting around radiators and more, we really aim to cover all the basis.

Furthermore, we want you to know exactly how to look after any type of flooring. That is why we've built extensive advice resources to help you if you've spilled, scratched, discoloured or lifted you flooring. If care and maintenance isn't enough, then we also give DIY tips on fitting your own flooring, and advice on the protection and further care of any new floor.

Underlay comes is all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs, the amount of traffic your floor experiences, and on your budget. That's why it is important to get underlay right. If you ave any questions concerning your subfloor, floor, or any accessories, then please don't hesitate in giving us a ring at 0330 100 00 15 and we will happily go through any query you may have. We hope you find what you need at Factory Direct Flooring!

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From as little as £15.42m²

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What Flooring Needs Underlay And Why?»

Underlay is an important part of your flooring installation, but what is underlay, what type of flooring needs underlay and why is this?

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How to Measure Your Floor»

Knowing how to measure your floor is the first step to achieving a beautiful room in your home with perfectly laid flooring.

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Why You Don’t Need Underlay for Vinyl»

Vinyl is an excellent choice for many homes, being easy to fit and maintain. You also don't need underlay for vinyl and we show you why.

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Do I Need Underlay For My Floor?»

Whether it's for solid wood, engineered wood, laminate or vinyl - we've explore everything you need to know about underlay to make a success of your floor.

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How to Fit Underlay»

Learning how to fit underlay is crucial to obtaining the floor of your dreams, It creates the perfect finish and we show you how to install it here.

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How to Lay Flooring on a Concrete Subfloor»

Trying to install your new flooring on a concrete subfloor? Here's how to install every type of flooring on concrete, from underlay to beading!

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