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Inspiration and Design

In this section of the Factory Direct Flooring Advice Centre you’ll find a variety of articles dedicated to floor inspiration. No matter the flooring type you’re looking to install in your home, we’re bound to have a guide on the best look for your home.

These articles look at many things, including why you should be planning to buy a specific type of flooring and its benefits and what the best materials are for specific rooms. For example, on this page you will be able to find such articles as Why And How To Stain A Solid Wood Floor and What Is The Best Floor For A Bathroom?

Whether you’re stuck on what the best product may be for you, or wish to know what the best way to go about doing a reinvigoration project with your floors is, then we have the answers you need. At Factory Direct Flooring we aim to provide the best flooring information for all our customers, as well as the best flooring solutions.

As well as our Inspiration category, our Advice Centre also aims to offer advice and insight into other areas concerned with flooring. These include such things as Care, Accessories and Underlay. Our Underlay section is designed to help you decide whether you need to install underlay alongside your new flooring and, if so, which one would be best for you. Our Accessories section looks at such things as floor beading and skirting boards, whilst our Care category aims to help you maintain your floors through the years.

Throughout these categories you will find all the information you need to help you decide on, install and care for the ideal floors for you. If, however, there’s something more you wish to ask us about flooring then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What Is the Best Floor For A Bedroom?»

Your bedroom should be the perfect nest for you to relax in, which is why we're looking at the best floors for the boudoir of your dreams.

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What Is the Best Floor For A Kitchen?»

We explore what the best floor for a kitchen is by considering the benefits and drawbacks of vinyl, solid wood, engineered wood and laminate.

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What Is the Best Floor For A Hallway?»

We look at the very best hallway flooring solutions for your home, from vinyl to laminate, and engineered or solid wood flooring.

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What Is the Best Floor For A Living Room?»

A living room is the social focus of the home, as well as being a high traffic area, and so we've taken a look at the most suitable floors for this area.

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What Is the Best Floor For A Bathroom?»

We explore what is the very best floor for your bathroom, looking at vinyl , engineered wood, solid hard wood and laminate.

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What is the Best Flooring for an Office?»

Choosing flooring for an office is difficult with the extensive options out there. Here's everything you need to consider followed by our recommendations.

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What Colours Go With Which Shade Of Laminate Flooring?»

There's a vast array of laminate flooring shades. From beech, walnut, to white laminate flooring, here are the colours which will go with each shade.

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How To Match Wall Colour To Your Floor»

Wondering which wall colour will perfectly complement your new flooring? Simply follow this easy guide for harmonious hues!

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How To Match Your Furniture To Your Floor»

When it comes to your new flooring, it's difficult to know which furniture will complement or clash. This guide will help you know the do's and don'ts.

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Understanding Colour When Decorating Your Home»

When it comes to decorating your home, it is worth understanding colour when decorating your home, so that you can get your design spot on.

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The Difference Between Engineered, Laminate And Solid Wood»

Engineered, laminate and solid wood are all excellent options or your home so to help you decide we've taken a look at the pros and cons of each

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A Guide to Different Flooring Grades»

Whether you're looking at solid wood or engineered, we've got a guide to the different flooring grades to help you decide

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What is the Best Engineered Wood Flooring?»

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What is the Best Solid Wood Flooring?»

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